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Our passion at Freakalytics® is to help you explore, understand, communicate and make better decisions using your data. Freakalytics was co-founded by Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD. Some of our achievements to date include:

Teaching in 40+ cities as the Founding Tableau Education Partner,
Faculty at INFORMS, the American Marketing Association and TDWI,
Frequent presenters and instructors at Tableau and SAS conferences,
Authors of The Accidental Analyst – Show Your Data Who’s Boss,
Rapid Graphs with Tableau (versions 5, 6, 7 and 8),
the Rapid Dashboards Reference Card and
SAS for Dummies (versions 9 and 9.2).


Download our summary of Freakalytics accomplishments, reviews and more as a PDF.

By design, Freakalytics is a two-person company focused on analytic instruction and development of educational materials. We are currently the only independent Tableau training team in the world. We teach the original, Complete Tableau Training Program, which was authored by us in 2009 and officially supported by Tableau Software from 2009 through 2013.

Through 2011, Freakalytics was the only training program endorsed by Tableau. Until 2013, we taught at every Tableau Conference, both in the US and Europe—the only external instructors besides Stephen Few to offer training at the world and European conferences. From 2009 through 2011, we administered and scored the official Tableau Certified Professional program to hundreds of people around the world, with final certification granted by Tableau Software.

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